Thursday, October 27, 2005

Gov.Tommy in Vienna

Last October 2 2005 Governor Thomas Joson accompanied by his lovely wife May,visited Vienna Austria. On their first day in Vienna they were welcomed by of course ANEA,led by ANEA Pres. Armand Dimacale.
First the Gov. and his wife visited their Son who is currently studying in London,then afterwards they spend also a few days in Sweden before heading here in Vienna Austria.
Three years ago when the Gov. Joson first visited Austria he encourage some of his 'Kababayans' to form an organization. He even promised that once this organization is formed he'll fly back to congratulate them personally.
In their three days visit they happen to see most of Austria's famous landmark like Salzburg,it is where "The Sound of Music" was filmed. They watched a Mozart's concert which is also a native of Austria,not to mentioned the world renowned Lipizzaner The museum provides an insight into why the Imperial Spanish Riding School-a total Baroque work of art uniting man, animal and architecture-is so unique.
One of the highlights of his trip to Austria was the awarding the plaque of recognition to Mr. Mar Sembrano and Mr. Eddieboy Espiritu both were responsible for the donation of medicines to Nueva Ecija.
ANEA even surprise the Governor and his wife with a 'Despedida' party in 'Strand Cafe' Gov. Joson grabbed this opportunity to share to us all his plans and future visions to Nueva Ecija.
On October 5 2005 The couples flew back to London before flying back to the Philippines, In London He will be meeting the 'Novo Ecijanos' and will encourage them also to form an organization.

Nueva Ecija Day

ANEA Celebrates Nueva Ecija day

Last September 3, 2005 Association of Novo Ecijanos in Austria celebrates its Nueva Ecija day at Pfarre Inzersdorf ( Don Bosco ) chapel in 23 district. But wait,why do we celebrate Nueva Ecija day ? To give you a short explanation about this “Unang Sigaw” bear with me as I take you back during Spanish regime. On September 2, 1896, Nueva Ecija generals, together with guerrillas, armed with only bolos and wood clubs from the southern towns of Gapan and Cabiao, raided the Spanish armory in San Isidro, followed on a raid in Factoria.
To surprise the enemies, they commissioned the Musikong Bumbong of Cabiao to perform and distract the attention of the Spanish guards at the armory. As a result of the raid, historians said, hundreds of prisoners were freed and some Spanish leaders were killed. This started the strongest revolt against the Spaniards in the province. Nueva Ecija earned the honor of representing one of the eight sun rays in the Philippine flag after it became one of the eight provinces that first responded to the call to stage a grand revolt against the Spanish regime in 1896. This year we are celebrating 109th anniversary of “Unang Sigaw”
ANEA President Armand Dimacale decided to celebrate it like a “Fiesta” when he says Fiesta it must be filled with foods and fun. ANEA welcomes the guest not only with free entrance but also with FREE food! Mr. Dimacale explained to me that this is one way of ANEA to say thank you to all those who helped and supported the association in the previous years, specially the sponsors who were very understanding and willing to help.
It was a cloudy day but the warmth of the people who witnessed this event makes it more worthwhile, they enjoyed playing of course our BINGO bonanza in which ANEA as always is giving extravagant prizes like trip to POLAND courtesy of LORNA’S Salon, or a weekend stay in one of Vienna’s trendy hotel.

When ANEA host an event like this it is always filled with surprises, a guest also told me that they were only expecting a lunch date that’s why they were surprised when many talented Filipino performed. Some serenades us with their magical voices while the group from the BICOL Society delighted us with their folkdance, and of course there are the “Nachwuchs” or the “Preppy” in English term that made the crowd glued on their seats as they move their bodies with some of today’s music.

The highlight of the program was the presentation of award to some of ANEA members like Myrna Andaya, Letty Trinidad, Cynthia Hofer, Edgar Simbulan, Lito Tiongzon, Jun Salvatierra, Mar Fernandez, Dante de Guzman, Mar Sembrano and yours truly! Armand Dimacale together with HE Ambassador Victor Garcia III handed the plaque of recognition to the awardees. Mr. Armand Dimacale will explain below how and why he came up with the idea of giving award to the mentioned members of ANEA.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Paris memories

ANEA visits Paris

Dateline, August 5 , 2005, meeting place Westbahnhof bus parking lot, time 8:00 p.m. As the night begins to unfold almost everybody have secured their baggages and thru the assistance of our 3 business officers, Mar & Loida Fernandez and Dingboy Ortiz we are already seated at our designated seats in the bus. Vice Pres. Rene Nunez leads the group for a short prayer before our bus started the journey to Paris, as the bus rolled the ''autobahn'' (expressway) ANEA gave sandwiches and drinks to our members and guests. Journey going to Paris will take 14 hours (minimum) so after a couple of hours they decided to play some games in order to make this long journey short and entertaining, one of which is the ''Tombola'' (raffle draw), each of the player can buy a raffle ticket which costs only 1 € and the prize that could be won is a free entrance to 'Eurodisney', which if you buy will costs you 41€. ANEA draws 6 winning raffle numbers, Jayson Salvatierra had the biggest LUCK because he won 2 ticket from the 6 numbers raffled, Mar Fernandez and Jun Salvatierra also won one ticket each and two more guests of ANEA won one ticket each , Imelda Sy and Glen Aolin.
After the raffle, it was time to have a break (cigarette and toilet break), so we stopped at a rest station, did some stetchings too, 20 minutes is over time to continue our journey to Paris. This is done every 2-3 hours. ANEA, as always so accomodating, offered guests some red wine("sleeping agent"), to help them get thru the night by, of course its FREE! ANEA always treated their guests well. A film was aslo played... for the night owl!
Morning has broken for us, and this time it's in Germany near the border of France.... time to have a breakfast, and as always it was a heavy breakfast, with rice, "adobo"(always present in Filipino trips), vegetables, boiled eggs, and a lot more... and not to forget some desserts.... ANEA is always "heavily equipt" when it comes to food and drinks (thank GOD). It was shared with everybody of course, not only to the members, even our 2 drivers, Pepi and Alex, who are Austrians tried the Filipino breakfast as well and surely, enjoyed it! And we are back on the road again....
At last, after our long and a little bit tiring journey, we arrived at Disneyland Paris! Voila !!!! It was already 12:30pm. We are all excited...took some souvenir pictures for the group and agreed that we'll all go on our separate ways and will meet after the last show outside. Disneyland is not that big, that's why we always bump with each other once in a while. It was a wonderful experience for all of us, not only for the children, but also for the child inside of us. Last program ended at around 11:45pm. We arrived at our hotel and checked-in at aorund 1:00am.
Call time in the morning is 9:00, buffet breakfast started at 8:30am.
August 7.... itenerary... city tour! And this time we have a German-speaking tour guide,'Eva' who is actually German not an Austrian, showed us the inner beauty of Paris and its famous landmarks, like Arc d' Triumph, Sacre Coeur, Louvre, Notre Dame, Moulin rouge, Invalides, she also showed us some interesting facts/story like this Obelix, a gift from the Egyptians, also the Pont Neuf which is one of the oldest bridge in Paris, and the replica of the Statue of Liberty, friendship gift of the French to the Americans, and our Paris tour was a success and completed by our visit to the EIFFEL TOWER ! ANEA enjoyed the beauty of Paris at the highest peak of this Monstrous metal art which served like a Giant watching over this lovely city. The price is worth it, the scenery is brilliant and for only 10.70 € you can reach the top of The Eiffel tower thru elevators, but if you are sporty and strong-willed and healthy, you can also reach the top using the stairs, and as a group (for a minimum of 20 persons) you will get a special discount, and the most important of all, you don't have to wait long in line. As the night falls, most of us are already exhausted, we headed back to our hotel, with a big smile! Our dinner at the hotel was prepared by the ANEA officers, headed by Miss Myrna Andaya, every family gave their share of 'baon' and it took place in our Presidents hotel room, Mr.Armand Dimacale. It was a hearty 'feast' for everybody! The boys ended our night in Paris with a little drinking session... Red wine and whisky. Next day... call time is 8:00 am Breakfast Buffet at 7:00 am.
Everybody was up and about.... although with a bit of sadness in our hearts to leave the enchanted city of Paris... and ready to head back HOME. In the bus we had again some entertainments... played Bingo... and there's also game for the kids. Lunch was, again done in a small restaurant in Germany and Dinner was in a better and bigger Restaurant in Austria! On our last hours in the bus, we watched Terminator. At around 11:45pm arrived safely in Vienna!!! Although everybody was tired and sleepy they gave their goodbyes and waiting eagerly for the next project of the ANEA! Guests gave their satisfaction and as one of our guest said "don't forget to invite us again on your next trip".
Maybe next year Italy ....
Because of the guests satisfaction, when our President announced the coming ANEA day on September 3, to be held at Pfarre Inzersdorf in 23 Dist., 3 of them already pledged their donation, like trophies, drinks and cash!

If you want to share your pictures with us please send it to this E-mail address:
don't forget to put some informations....

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Paris & Euro Disneyland

Bonjour ! Comment allez-vous ?
ANEA will be having their 2nd summer vacation
and this time the group will be heading to France !

On August 5 up to August 8 2005
With 2 night hotel accomodation in Paris
Aboard by a deluxe coach throughout
2 buffet breakfast and a tourist guide
This includes visits in some of France tourist spots
like Arc de Triumph, Louvre, Eurodisney and of course Eiffel Tower as well.

Prices all inclusive ranging from 200-230 €uro
For more detail contact any ANEA officer

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Top to bottom

Mr.&Mrs. Jun Salvatierra

Mr.&Mrs. Efren Garcia

Mr.&Mrs. Henry Llacuna

Mr.&Mrs. Vher Pajarillaga

Mr.&Mrs. Jayson Salvatierra

Like the old saying goes..'Ang pinagbuklod wag paghiwalayin!' ( those who were tied should not be seperated!)


Here are some more Santacruzan pictures!

Middle: ''arko'' of ANEA with Mar Sembrano, Lolit Kaszuba, Jun Salvatierra, Jayson Salvatierra, Lena Salvatierra
and Mar Fernandez.

Bottom: the ''teenies'' of ANEA surrounded by once a 'teenies' too

Top: ''Frauen Power'' translated as Girls Power (L-R) Lai, Grace, Loida, Vicky, Myrna, Lorna, Imelda and Letty.